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Construction ServicesAward Consulting have a successful track record in providing traditional Quantity Surveying, Cost Management and Dispute Resolution Services for contractors, developers, property owners, construction consultants and subcontractors across the construction industry throughout the United Kingdom.

Award Consulting offers a complete service; ranging from financial and contractual control and management of construction projects to the resolution of disputes, preparation of, or response to, claims resulting from construction projects.

Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management

Award Consultants work with the client’s management team to ensure the effective commercial management of construction projects.

When you need to outsource, to adjust to variations in workload, take on new projects or overcome internal resource issues, you can rely on Award Consulting to supply high quality, interim support to your commercial team.

Key functions include:

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Forensic Quantity Surveying

Award Consulting can investigate historical events from commencement through to completion of the project, and establish due entitlement under the contract.
The analysis and investigation can often assist in the settlement of both final accounts and subcontractor accounts, resolving both entitlement and liability, and releasing value.

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Programming & Delay Analysis

Award Consulting can prepare programmes in various formats for both pre-tender and claim scenarios. This work includes expert reports, for delay analysis.

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Contractual Advice

Getting the right advice on contractual issues is fundamental to the short and long term success of your business.

Award Consulting specialises in providing commercial and technical advice on the details and mechanisms of construction contracts to all our clients.

Our clients range from single employee subcontractors though to international contractors, no matter how large or small your organisation our aim is to provide a complete solution for your business needs.

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Project Management

The appointment of a project manager can greatly ease the burden by providing a single link with the construction team. Award consulting are particularly well qualified by training, experience and above all by their overall knowledge of the whole construction industry to act as Project Managers.

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Expert Reports

A very high percentage of civil cases settle without going to trial. This may give some indication of the potential importance of the expert's written report in helping an adjudicator or solicitor determine the strength and weakness of the case, and thereby the course of the dispute.

Award Consulting are highly experienced in the collection of evidence from project records and producing high quality reports for submission in construction disputes. Reports include the following:

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Dispute Resolution

In today’s increasingly litigious construction industry dispute resolution is common place. Award Consulting’s team of highly qualified professionals are able to advise and prepare documentation and advocacy to assist in the resolution of disputes. Our team are fully conversant with varying dispute resolution procedures, including:

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